Report Pricing

  • SSN Trace + Address History
  • Search National Criminal Database
  • Check Sex Offenders List
  • Available Add-Ons
  • Silver Package
  • Check Domestic Terrorist Watch List
  • 7 Year County Court Search
  • Available Add-Ons
SIGN UPBest Choice
  • Gold Package
  • School Verification
  • Employment Verification
  • Available Add-Ons

Customizable Reports

Most websites give you what they think you need. You can get a few items or you can get one but each report will be the same. We give you choices from our entry-level package all the way up to our Diamond level report. You will be able to create the report you want and get the answers you’re looking for.

We strive to collect all electronically available data from statewide repositories, including state offender registries, the departments of corrections and the administrative office of courts. In addition, we strive to acquire and update our database with as many county and municipal court records as possible, especially in states that do not collect criminal record data at the state level.