We can take the guesswork out of hiring.

As private investigators, we believe employee screening should be easier, so that you never have to worry about hiring a potential risk. You should feel confident every step of the way, and with Secure Background Check you will. We provide fast, accurate reporting support by trained professionals.

Screening Made Secure


Not all background check websites are the same. Some merely don’t offer customized reporting, while others provide results that are dubious or full of gaps. SBC provides comprehensive reporting in an easy to use interface, reviewed by trained investigators that you can trust. 

Screening Made Smarter


SBC provides 100% FCRA compliant background checks to help you make informed decisions, create a safe workplace, and protect your investments. Our secure reports delivered to your desktop fast,  with live-chat support for any questions you may have about your reports or our process. 

Screening Made Simple


Do you need to run background checks on a several potential hires? How about a prospective tenant? Whatever your current need may be, SBC has scalable reporting options and pricing plans to match your specific screening needs and budget. Enterprise solutions are also available.