Employment Verification

You need an experienced engineer to fulfill the role of a manager in your company. A junior programmer sends you their resume that shows job titles for which they wouldn’t have experience under normal circumstances. An employment verification check can determine if the young coder is a true whiz kid or a dishonest hack.


Harry Kazakian CEO

Background Check

Recommended background checks vary by industry and company type. Our comprehensive set of screening services cover most if not all areas of applicant verification. We do the following:

Criminal Background Check
Credential Checks
Reference Checks
Driving Records
Credit Reports

Benefits Employment Screening

Our complex series of background checks allow you and your staff to hire with confidence. We are your one-stop shop for all types of employment verification activities.By partnering with us, you’ll be able to put the best employees in front of your consulting clients, retail customers and partnered vendors.

Our employment screening services are also designed to protect you against costly negligent hiring lawsuits. What is negligent hiring? When one of your employees or customers is injured by someone who you hired, you could face legal woes if that person has a history of certain offensive behaviors in his or her background.

If that person’s past actions could’ve been uncovered with a background check, a lawyer can make the case that you knew or should’ve known that the employee would cause harm in the workplace.