SBC serviceS


SBC offers an array of report packages to match the screening needs of any organization with a comprehensive series of background reporting options can empower you to hire with confidence, ensure only the best employees are representing your organization, and protect your brand against costly negligent hiring lawsuits. 

Silver, Gold, & Platinum Reports

Social Security Number Trace

Begin your background report with a Social Security Number trace to confirm the identity of your job candidate or prospective tenant using reliable identifiers from multiple public record databases and credit bureau resources.


Match full legal name to current address to confirm that your search has found the correct individual, with previous address information to help guide the screening process by showing where to search for court and criminal and records.

National Criminal Database Search

Search nationwide for criminal records in all available jurisdictions throughout the country and review any relevant information including data from county courthouses, administrative offices, and correctional institutions in every state.

Sex Offender Registry Search

Search the National Sex Offender Registry covering every state and district to ensure your job candidate or prospective tenant is not an offender. Records include type of offense, conviction, sentencing, victim age, and other details about any possible offense.

Gold & Platinum Reports

Terrorist Watch List Search

Identify applicants wanted for or convicted of terrorist activities, and those sanctioned from doing business with financial institutions. This may be required when hiring for financial, transportation, hazardous material, or government contract employment.


Find details on legal actions initiated by or brought against an applicant including: case type, disposition, and judgment. Knowing whether an applicant was a defendant or plaintiff in a civil lawsuit can be especially helpful when hiring for contract work.

Platinum Reports ONly

Employment Verification

Verify employment dates, starting and ending job title, and other relevant data in the employment information provided by your applicants to confirm that they possess the skills required for the position they are interviewing for.

Education Verification

Verify degrees, diplomas, certificates, years of attendance and other educational achievements in the history provided by your applicants to ensure job candidates have the required education for the position they are interviewing for.